" Il mio scopo è mettere il lettore in uno stato mentale così elastico da farlo sollevare sulla punta dei piedi."
Friedrich W. Nietzsche

Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Nietzsche

domenica 17 luglio 2011

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Ecco la versione inglese! Buona lettura!!

1883-1885. During this period, Nietzsche takes up the theme at the beginning of God's death as a condition that makes the human being free to develop himself, in the absence of purpose and conviction that the supernatural world, in its eternity, he will repeat this cycle is happening and has happened.

Who is Zarathustra?

A prophet who turns away from people and withdrew to the mountain facing the sun. An important theme that returns several times is that the midday conceived as a moment of revelation of the divine (D'Annunzio, Montale, and then writes Noon Noon pale and absorbed ...), where everything seems to stop, is revealed to Zarathustra on the mountain and then down and talk to people.

What are the themes of the work?


Man is destined to be a bridge between the ape and the Superman that is no longer a slave to the man in a company, is a man who has gone beyond itself.This reflects the paradigm of evolution but is applied to a message of liberation.Must be born again what is beyond. There are many interpretations of this man, what is clear is that this Superman is the one who is able to be authentic so that the original does not make her a set pattern, but he lives a new model, a new humanity.

Nietzsche advocates the advent of a new type of man, able to break free from the prejudices and old patterns, with the genealogical method to unmask the man-too-human values, and to be conscious creator of new values. Would not it be correct to call a man like Superman: super above indicates, then "super-man" means "one who is over the men" and crushing them.
Nietzsche actually speaks of a "well-man" (literal translation from German Uber-Mensch): Superman does not crush the others but it goes beyond the conventions and prejudices that afflict humans. It has values ​​different from those of the mass of men, the mass that has adhered to the philosophy of the priests to be a slave to it.
The overman is the one who realized that he himself is to give meaning to life, and that makes her so-called "aristocratic morality" that says "Yes" to life and the world.
The overman is a disciple of Dionysus because it accepts life in all its manifestations, in the pleasure of becoming understood as the alternation of life and death. Goes through life with "courageous pessimism", combines the confidence of fatalism, and was released from worn concepts of good and evil through an elite indifference to ethical values ​​that consider dead.
Superman for all times is the center of his time which is always the protagonist.

The eternal return

The eternal return, ie the eternal repetition, is the doctrine that Nietzsche puts you in charge of the new conception of the world and of human action. For Nietzsche, every moment of time, that the present moment, to be lived in a spontaneous way, without continuity with the past and future, because past and future are illusory: every time you repeat the same past and future. The real Superman is, in conclusion, the one who dances in chains freely and gracefully, it is the free spirit altogether.

The relationship between time and eternity in this passage is the enigma of the vision which speaks of the man who rises on the shoulders having a dwarf ... ... there was a porte cochere with two paths converge, no one has ever gone until the end. On the porte cochere at the top it says: instant.

What does the second?

Reminds us of the carpe diem, we understand Nietzsche's critique of those who live always as a time to go and never have a mind that always escapes, then the message will be to seize the moment which is eternity.
Some say that Nietzsche has lost all historical perspective and thinks that all return the same. To grasp eternity to know the Superman should be! 

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